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Are Chatbots Really Working? Learn More!

Did you ever verify your newly created Google account using your phone? What happens actually in that process, did you ever think about that? You submit a phone number verification request and Google calls you with a telephonic verification code which you further need to enter into the form’s text blocks. Here comes the concept of text to voice conversion and then a phone system integration that automatically calls over VoIP as per the country code and number provided.
Yes, you are thinking in the right direction! Your business support phone system can also be made such intelligent. The customer calls your business support provider and then from there whatever he types in, he can have a voice-based response from you through the machine learning process.
In the recent past, there has been a survey on a debate whether chatbots are positive or having with slightly a bad taste! The survey was conducted by LivePerson in 2017 discovered that more people universally found them positive compared to negative (38% to 11%) although the majority (51%) were mediocre.
There are so many causes behind this: user actions and expectations are changing with the extension in messaging apps and maybe there is an element of self-empowerment to resolving problems as well as not needing to communicate with someone in a call center, however talkative they might be. A recent study by Salesforce found that 72% of visitants did not believe a phone call was the best way to resolve their problem.
Let’s discuss the best case. You might have watched a lot of science fiction movies or took a few Artificial Intelligence marketing seminars too seriously, and then you’ll understand that it’s just a question of reality and we need to get a solution of it via an AI module!
However, we know that AI has got some limits and they are how beautifully we can teach to a machine and how the machine responds as a result of it. Also, machine learning is correctly what the phrase suggests; a machine that studies [from a person]. Anyone within the AI niche knows that this is a very laborious dilemma, with lots of different permutations and combinations.
One of the purposes, why chatbot based automation is getting popular, is the cost reduction within the business operations. Going forward, presumptions and errors are an unavoidable part of the progress where personal knowledge and skill is required. Industry experts need to create a training superset for the inputs and that typically requires human checks and balances among the best case, worst case & an average case possibilities of the chatbot working and chat interactions into problems, creating a glossary from which it can fetch the correct response. This is tough and proportionally time taking.
Companies also need to measure whether their systems have room for an automation technology i.e. feasibility. Does the chatbot to be built-in have the data it needs to make accurate responses? Does it have the right humans to educate it? Is the organization capable to act on the insights generated from Chatbot activity? Will the technology amalgamate with other systems such as a CRM?
There are n numbers of different ways to the problem-solving. Our company is focusing this problem in a novel way. We have created and adopted the latest in machine learning and AI to automatically transform your call center text data into a meaningful solution oriented audio, to deal with the customer’s problem so that your support get enough time to assess the technical or manual policy-based issues. So, with the right AI and machine learning, chatbots can stay relevant and improve their capability to understand their own complexity. In the end, there’s no miracle but there is a whole cluster of disruptive technology making sure that the chatbot works in a great way and doesn’t deceive.
Contact us today if you think incorporating a chatbot as automation in customer support services can help your business go beyond the obvious and perform outstandingly in every possible way.
Blockchain and Call center

Customer Support and Future Technology

We are living in the era of technology and we see a lot of changes in today’s fast-changing world. Each day there is a new update available and technologists are working to handle things actively. This is essential and much needed to meet all the current requirements with scattered & diversified niches. With this increasing demand for modernization in our daily lives, there is no choice left with people and hence they need to accept new future technologies. It can be anything i.e. from using a remote for controlling the smart devices to using audio notes for giving commands [You have used the Google input & listening services]; modern technology has made a lot of room in our general lives. Technologies like virtual or augmented reality VAR, artificial intelligence based automation devices and the Internet of Things [Smart devices operating on Internet as per your instructions] IoT that have got space in the past years and now there’s a new addition to the stack i.e. Blockchain Technology. To know more about this technology, you can check it here What is a Blockchain Technology and Its Future! In this post, we will understand the various applications those can be built or companies are currently working on using this fast growing technology and how they can simplify the problems around the world.
Please check the below applications where Blockchain technology offers a solution:
(1) Digital Currency Management– The blockchain technology showing its impact on different industries including the financial market with its super first advanced application called Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a mode of digital payment and nothing but a form of digital currency called crypto currency [Encryption enabled for security] as well. This can be used in the place of physical money for the businesses. And the underlying technology behind the success of cryptocurrencies is called the Blockchain. There are so many digital currencies are in trade these days and here is a list you can check and go through it. List of Digital Currencies
(2) CybersecurityCreating a keyless security system to enable more privacy and strong protection against the theft is very crucial in today’s scenario and at present so many companies are working on this feature. A lot of devices have been configured with and will be done more in the near future. One of the decentralized authentication system REMME works on Blockchain technology where data is decentralized [Not stored on a one central server, & shared to nodes on the network] which aims to replace logins and passwords with SSL certificates stored on a blockchain.
(3) Healthcare RevolutionBlockchain has changed the entire healthcare system with more firm records and ability to access them whenever it requires. The best example can be understood as storing the disease outbreak data into a blockchain [Which acts as a never-ending, permanent database], that staying reliability will increase the effectiveness at the time of disaster relief and response.
(4) Hotel Reviews and rating systemThis is one of the best examples of Blockchain technology in real-time world. This facility will help hotel management a lot and create a great place for actual customer centric permanent feedback. This will generate more scope of income for the writers too.
(5) In Manufacturing and Industrial revolution: Blockchain technology has everything at one place i.e. a record keeping, security, decentralized or distributive power that makes it easily available to the staff, or any user in the loop, transparency and accessibility. Manufacturing sector is improving with Blockchain technology. India’s biggest corporation, Reliance Industries, has said that it is developing a blockchain-based supply chain logistics platform along with its own cryptocurrency, Jiocoin. Further, in the same niche, blockchain can be revolutionary in logistics, tracking and tracing on a real time basis. There exists GPS but this technology enhances the analytical power along with the existing technology to optimize the cost.
(6) Eliminating the mediators role: We’ve seen and come across so many applications, or services that take help of a third party and we know that there is an additional cost associated whenever a third party is involved. Blockchain is getting this removed using a trusted transaction between the users.
(7) In Automation: As many people think Blockchain is only a digital currency system, we can have further scope of bursting this myth by understanding with an example of self driving cars. These automated cars can use blockchain technology to keep a permanent record of tracks, obstacles, machine learning on driving behaviours and more! Self-driving cars, sometimes referred to as autonomous vehicles, function by using complicated machine learning algorithms to ensure safety and security of the car & its commuters. These algorithms go through millions of hours meaningful user driving data and patterns matching which are further used to make driving decisions. As a fact, self-directed vehicles would need to handle all their events – such as ability to pay for their fuel cost, parking and other general functions such as stopping by a customer’s call & more. This creates an outstanding opportunity for blockchains as they can help with the development of self-driving vehicles in pooling data and also for a machine to machine payment processing.
The opportunity with Blockchain technology implementation is huge & endless. This has been a self-motivating for the technologists and its stockholders. Also, so many businesses, enterprises, technology honchos have started investing in it and a lot of industries are adopting this future technology into their business operations.
We at Kedjja specialize in developing the future world technology solutions that can help your business grow with this competitive market. Our skills in Blockchain consultancy & development, data analysis, IoT and artificial intelligence etc can demonstrate helpful solutions for your business.
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Artificial Intelligence Impact on Call Center Process

Hello Call-center owners! We know that Artificial Intelligence-based machine learning algorithms can understand how human agents identify and solve customer problems by learning & analyzing from the past data over time. So how wonderful it would be if we include an AI module integration or a support agent-like assistant powered by machine learning in the PBX call center phone systems such as 3CX & more?
The Artificial Intelligence module would know who the customer is, more on his/her recent or past activity, and the best way to answer his/her queries based on past inquiries.
That means: Customers get their questions answered quickly, in a self-service fashion with fewer inputs so that support person get more time, allowing them to provide one to one customer support and hence super fast service assistance! As a result, customers are happier, and happy customers = higher revenue= more money for the business!
The modern technology and this fast-changing world are getting more versed technically and this is an ongoing demand to make the business processes more compatible and streamlined with respect to time.
Thanks for reading this post and it would be great and appreciated if shared the same with your friends and colleagues.
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Powerful Words of Customer Service

There are customer service ramifications of eight commonly used words and sayings that we’ve designated as Killer Words. These eight phrases are normally used with good intentions, yet they are damaging to customer relationships. Let’s look at how we can avoid the Killer Words and see that it’s not how you perceive the phrases but how the recipient interprets them.

#1—Killer Words of Customer Service: “CALM DOWN.”

When a customer contacts you about a problem, they generally are not happy. So, it’s not a good idea to say something that might make them more unhappy. Let’s listen in on a customer phone call.

Jessica: Thanks for holding support. This is Jessica.

Customer: Yeah, your company promised me delivery on Tuesday. It’s now Friday and it’s still not here. Do you have any idea what kind of problems you’re causing me?

Jessica: Ma’am, please: Calm down!

CustomerCalm down?!? Calm down??? Don’t tell me to calm down!!! Thanks for the advice, but if your company would have done what they promised, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation!

Did you see what happened here? Instead of handling the customer’s concern immediately, Jessica chose to change the subject. Rather than dealing with the complaint, she sidetracked it into telling the customer what to do, and all of a sudden it’s an argument. The customer went from upset to furious. This can be handled much better.

Jessica: Thanks for holding. Support This is Jessica.

Customer: Yeah, your company promised me delivery on Tuesday. It’s now Friday and it’s still not here. Do you have any idea what kind of problems you’re causing me?

Jessica: My apologies. That’s got to be very frustrating. If need be, we can overnight your order so it’s there Monday. Now please tell me exactly what happened and I will get to work on fixing this.

Customer: Yes OK. Thanks. …

That was much better. Jessica apologized and focused her efforts on solving the problem and that’s what the customer wanted in the first place. Telling a customer how to act is never a good idea.

#2—Killer Words of Customer Service: “CAN I BE HONEST WITH YOU?”

Chris: Parts. This is Chris.

Customer: Yeah, Chris. This is Darius Jones. We spoke last week and you asked me to call today to arrange installation of the new pump for our hydraulic press.

Chris: Hello, Mr. Jones. Um, regarding your new pump, can I be honest with you?

Customer: No, I want you to lie to me. Yes, of course, you can be honest with me!

If ever there was a useless saying, it’s the Killer Words “can I be honest with you?” The customer assumes that you’re always going to be honest with them. They expect that. There are several variations of these words that needs to be dropped as well, such as:

  • Let me be perfectly frank.
  • You want the truth, right?
  • Look, I’m going to level with you.
  • Can I be candid with you?

Always choose correct words so that your customers can be fair and polite to you as well! If you liked this blog post, please share it with your friends! Thanks

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How to strengthen your customer service skills?

First, it’s important to make sure that your customer service team has the right skills for your managing customers’ needs. No amount of CRM software can compensate for shortcomings in this area. But what skills should you be looking for in a customer service rep?

  • Empathy, patience, and consistency. Some customers will be irate. Others will be full of questions. And others will just be chatty. You must know how to handle all of them and provide the same level of service every time.
  • Adaptability. Every customer is different, and some may even seem to change week-to-week. You should be able to handle surprises, sense the customer’s mood and adapt accordingly. This also includes a willingness to learn– providing good customer service is a continuous learning process.
  • Clear communication. Ensure you convey to customers exactly what you mean. You don’t want your customer to think he’s getting 50% off when he’s actually getting 50% more product. Use authentically positive language, stay cheerful no matter what and never end a conversation without confirming the customer is satisfied.
  • Work ethic. Customers appreciate a rep who will see their problem through to its resolution. At the same time, you must have good time management skills and not spend too much time handling one customer while others are waiting. Stay focused on your goals to achieve the right balance.
  • Knowledge. Ultimately your customers rely on you for their knowledge of your product. Stay informed enough to respond to most inquiries and know where to turn if the questions become too detailed or technical for you to answer. But don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know” either. Customers will appreciate the honesty and your efforts to find the right answer.
  • Thick skin. The customer’s always right… right? The ability to swallow one’s pride and accept blame or negative feedback is crucial. Whether your team works directly with customers or looking for feedback on social media, they’ve got to keep the customer’s happiness in mind.

Not sure if your reps have the right customer service skills? Survey or interview your customers to understand whether your service team is showing each of these traits. Running a customer feedback survey through your CRM program, at the point of sale, or when you send customers an invoice is a great way to see where your team’s skills do and don’t measure up.

Desktop Support

Field Techs are Driving the Customer Experience

“Customer experience” is in vogue again. Everywhere you look, there are articles and posts covering how companies can ramp up customer experience to generate more revenue.

And, to be fair, customer experience should always be in focus. As the economy swings back into hyperdrive, consumers are being bombarded with new and exciting offers – the kind that can get otherwise loyal customers to jump ship.

Retaining customers makes sound financial sense – acquiring a new one is five times more expensive than wowing an existing customer away from the noisy competitors and their splashy ads.

Improving the customer experience is a great way to retain your best customers.

Hands down, the best way to retain your customers is by finding ways to make their experience with your products and services hassle-free and completely satisfying. In the world of technology, customers always remember when things go wrong.

Customer disappointments can become a customer experience highlight reel.

Everyone understands that technology likes to act up from time-to-time. How many times has your laptop suddenly run out of charge right before an important presentation, or a 6-hour flight?

For telecoms, the stakes are even higher. Right before a huge pay-per-view fight, the node goes down – and everyone on the block is left without cable. Or a misguided neighbor decides to try their luck at edging their lawn – right next to where the buried cable lines are.

The way to win, in these moments, is to deliver fast, competent help. From the moment your customer service center gets the call, there’s a timer running. Your customer will judge you based on how quickly you respond. And an appointment sometime between next week and next month isn’t going to cut it.

New platforms can provide on-demand, highly-skilled help

Companies can leverage technology to deliver better experiences. For instance, FieldEngineer is one platform that tech companies are using to help shorten the gap between problem and solution. By allowing companies to access on-demand talent, with the skills and experience necessary to complete technical assignments, telecoms and other tech players are dramatically improving customer experience, without the overhead of a traditional (old school) global support team.

The ability to choose assignments dramatically improves the employee experience as well. And, it turns out, happy team members help to deliver an even better customer experience. It’s service with a smile for the digital age.

Freelancing Field Techs solve more than a budget challenge.

There’s a real shortage in the industry. Fifty-five percent of telecoms report that they are struggling to fill open positions. This means that customer service is directly impacted, as in-house tech teams are stretched to the breaking point.

As large firms continue to engage contract firms to help solve customer-facing issues, there are still times when the sheer need of customers facing service outages is overwhelming. Add into this a labor shortage and a disconnected customer service process, and you have a perfect storm for customer disappoints.

It’s exciting to see the gig economy expand into the tech sector. Yes, technology has always supported the gig economy – if you think Uber is a cab company, guess again. But, it’s only in recent years that the freelance marketplace is expanding into more skilled arenas – the kinds of jobs that keep the technology running and evolving.

Having platforms find ways to provide quality service contracts, on-demand talent that’s available locally on a nationwide basis, and who are fully connected to the rest of the business deserves some serious applause. For telecoms, it means a better customer experience and a real opportunity to hold the competitors at bay.

Source: Salesforce