Call Centre Frustrations May Cause Consumers to Buy Elsewhere

I recently came across an article in Contact Centre World, entitled “Call Centre Frustrations May Cause Consumers to Shop Elsewhere”. That may seem like a statement of the obvious but it’s one which is all to often overlooked.
The first line was an eye opener – 68% of customers hang up if they have trouble hearing a call centre agent. This includes a bad connection, poor voice quality, faulty speech recognition software, an agent mumbling or having an accent that is difficult to understand.
The report was based on a survey of 3,925 consumers in the United States, U.K, Germany, and France, and makes a good point about the level of investment a call centre requires to really deliver.
Call centres are implemented to serve people and are generally the focal point of contact a customer has with a business. Companies often don’t invest sufficiently in the right technology and people to deliver the service that would satisfy their customers, let alone please them.
Customers contact call centres for assistance, so they key is to not leave them dissatisfied when they make may be their only call. An inbound call centre is an opportunity for a business to really impress its customer base and deliver exceptional customer service, which is what is required to ensure repeat business.