The People Connect Story

At People Connect, the company’s name tells the story. It’s a name that not only represents the service the company performs for its clients and the underlying philosophy of its leadership team but that also reflects the relationship its founders enjoyed even before the People Connect dream was conceived. In fact, the origin of the idea for People Connect was the natural outgrowth of the relationship of a small, close-knit group of friends who came to a realization one day: Since they enjoyed spending so much of their time hanging out together, why not turn the incredibly satisfying relationship they already shared into something even greater? And that’s when the dream to build something bigger began — a small seed planted in their minds that caused them to ponder how they might create something far bigger than the jobs and dreams they’d held before.

Taking Outsourcing to the Next Level

Early on, the friends recognized that attempting to be a Jack- or Jill-of-all-trades was a losing battle. As hard as they’d tried to do everything themselves, it soon became obvious that attempting to handle jobs for which they weren’t well-suited led to poor results — and unhappy people. And that’s when the importance of outsourcing became crystal clear to the group. Yet, the more they studied the outsourcing industry, the more apparent it became that the industry was badly in need of new blood, new ideas, and a brand new model. What the industry sorely lacked were honest business people who saw the widening rift between the customer and the vendor and who would be willing to step in and do whatever it took to take outsourcing to the next level. And they knew that they were the business people who could do it. The friends saw the market demand and the shortage of companies that truly understood the customer’s needs. And that’s how and why People Connect was born.

People Connect

Outsource your Headache People Connect is a call center and software development company whose simple goal is to “take away people’s headaches.” The company’s vision is to make its office an extension of its clients’ offices, replicating their culture, seamlessly transitioning and simplifying their process, and competently and cheerfully handling the tasks that are not its clients’ fortes. The company’s simple mantra to all its customers is this: “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” And they themselves have learned to live by this rule, outsourcing all but the tasks at which they excel and setting a solid example for their clients to follow on their own road to greater success.

To the dedicated team at People Connect, the key to their success is commitment

commitment to the vision, the client, and the team. The intuitive leadership team believes that people are the heart of every business — and that engaging the heart of those they serve and the colleagues with whom they work is the formula for real success in any industry. The genuine desire to help both the customers the company serves and the people who do the serving is one of the characteristics that set People Connect apart.

A Happy Team Means Happy Customers

One of the first things customers notice about the People Connect team is that they are happy! They enjoy what they do and their smiles show it. It’s obvious to everyone with whom they deal that the camaraderie that the People Connect team enjoys isn’t the result of a deliberately orchestrated company culture but rather the natural and organic outgrowth of a genuine rapport and sense of teamwork that the company has passionately built over time. In short, the company believes in fostering an environment where everyone’s contribution is not only valued and appreciated but actually celebrated — and it shows!