Words of Appreciation


Kathleen C


My name is Kathleen C., Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada.  I want to acknowledge the importance of three of your valuable employees who work for you –  They are Nathan, Paul and Sam.  They have shown a friendly attitude and courtesy when speaking to myself, and most of all fixing my computer.  They’re knowledge of computers is remarkable and their friendly attitude dealing with a senior is a true benefit to your company.  I work mostly with Jay Paul, but he said it took the whole team to figure out my malware problem.  This shows great teamwork, it took 3 days , during which time I had to deal with my family and friends who were convinced you were a scam.  But after speaking to Jay Paul, he made me relax and I trusted my feelings. I am so glad I did and now I can prove them wrong and sometimes an old lady can be right.  But I know they were only looking out for me, since I had just lost my husband in May.

The money, which I paid was worth the work they all devoted in making my computer mine again, and not and alien.  I just want to thank everyone  and to let you know how valuable  these employees are to your company from a very satisfied customer.

Lynette R

Thanks for following up.  Service was long but very thorough.  I have no complaints your service personnel were most polite and helpful. Thank you for the service received.  Lynette R

Ian D

I wish to thank Jay Paul and the staff at computer support. He and his co-workers have answered the phone promptly and solved all my problems as they arose. The cost of the service has been reasonable and has saved extra costs that I had with using Norton and Melaware . They are courteous patient and respectful

Werner H

THANKS FOR A WONDERFUL SERVICE from your Service Engineer JAY PAUL for resolving my problem with scanning the documents from printer to computer.

Doug H. 

You fellas did a fine job in repairing my computer.  It’s much faster and some things now work which haven’t worked for months.  Thank you.  Only one thing was not and my granddaughters like to play with “Microsoft Jigsaw”.  It seems when you click this app you can not log onto the cloud which carries your accumulated gold total.  Since this can’t activate the entire game can’t be played.  If you think you can help e-mail me back.  I guess I have 2 years of support coverage.  Maybe you think I should just uninstall it and then re-install it.  Whatever you guys suggest is fine with me!  Thanks again for a good job.

B. Weinstein

Case manager : Nathan Bose I wish to state that I had a great technician on Friday night Feb. 2 who help me with my computer problem taking over 5 hours on Friday night and part of Saturday morning to complete the problems that I had with my computer. I wish to thank i believe his name is Clayton ??who staying with all the way and cleaning up my problem. again I thank him for his great effort work is outstanding and again i thank him.

Bernard L

Gentlemen:  Just a note to say how happy I am with your firm.  Your phones are promptly answered and my problems and/or concerns quickly disappear.  Have a good day. Yours truly Elizabeth L.

Verna S

Arif worked on my desktop and laptop computers today for several hours. The desktop had some updating issues and the laptop needed to have the Microsoft Office reactivated after a previous cleanup. Both jobs were completed to my satisfaction in a professional manner. I am very pleased with the service I received today.

Sandrine N

Hi Raul, I m Sandra. I received your mail about the feedback for the service that I got from you and your team to fix my computer. You guys did a great job because my computer is not just faster than before, but also I can now use it in different ways since all services are running. Thank you for teaching me a lot about my own computer. for now I have no complaint and I will let you guys know for any suggestion in the future.

Once more, thank you.

Bob Mutton

Hello People Connect USA, Thank you for the follow-up. Everything is working well with my computer.  Your assistance with my problem was very much appreciated. Your staff ( I think I talked to 3 of them) were most helpful and very patient with me.

Julia Bedard

I have had to call your company a number of times, including this evening. EVERY technician, EVERY time I had a problem, your staff dealt with it efficiently and pleasantly. This evening it was Clayton; he was helpful and friendly. I don’t remember where or how I found you, but I’m happy it did.

Asha Aditi Ruparelia

Hi Arif, Much obliged for your prompt and diligent technical support and service regarding the Microsoft Windows issues for my computer today. Very much appreciated your clear instructions and taking time to cleaning up all dangerous contents that had been running in my computer without my knowledge and getting my computer up to date. I would certainly recommend my family and friends to check out your company for such support and service.

I will get in touch with you with in 45 days and thereafter before I change to get a new computer in future. Thank you. Asha Aditi

Leona Chapeskie

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Dan for the prompt service I received this morning. Your service was excellent and much appreciated Thank you again.

Dave O’Sullivan

I would like to commend Dan for his great support and help with the problems I had with some issues and give him a 10 out of 10

Alan Wahrsager

I have an account for service. My customer ID number is xxxxxxxx. On Sunday 11/12/17 I called for service as my computer was acting very sluggish and I wanted to have a tune up. The technician that worked with me on my computer was Clayton. After just a few moments I could tell that this technician was not only extremely knowledgeable and new what he was talking about but actually cared about excellent customer service to the customer.  I have spoken with and had my computer serviced a number of times. In each case some work was done and some clean up was done but the computer never worked as far as I was concerned up to par. Clayton took the time to do a full diagnostic and discovered a problem with the amount of RAM that I had on this computer and that this was really the cause of most of my issues and slow response speed and time. He took the time to go over options with me and explained this as never explained before.  I will absolutely be renewing  my service once my current service contract expires. This is mostly in part to the service provided to me by Clayton. I very rarely take the time to comment on customer service but felt it important to comment when outstanding service was provided. He is truly an asset to your company and the customers that he services.

Marilyn Kletter

To whom it may concern,

I received 2 calls today from a stranger telling me that there is something wrong with my computer, I hung up immediately thinking it was a scam and called you.  Dan advised me that there is nothing wrong on the computer, but to be very careful should this happen again.  I signed up recently for a new contract because my experience with your techs and their knowledge and patience with me is beyond words.

Debbie Wark

Dear Raul, thank you for the email. My computer is working very well right now and I do not seem to be having any issues with it. As far as your services are concerned, I found them excellent. I can understand why you have so many problems with people when you call them about them about their computer because there are so many scammers out there. I thank you again and I appreciate the services that you have provided for me.

Sincerley, Debbie

Judy R

I want to thank Arif or the very professional and courteous service he provided for me today. His patience has allowed me to have a more secure and protected computer in which to work with. I am very grateful for all his help and hard work in getting my computer back on track!

Mr. Reginald Armstrong

To Whom It May Concern,

I am Mr. Armstrong who actually and anxiously undertook the interaction with Sam Taha and Brian Sharma two nights ago in this matter. I’m delighted to inform you that all appears to be functioning superbly, which, to my astonishment, never mind utter relief, far exceeds my expectation!

I’m terribly appreciative of the follow-up as well!

Bev Jacobs 


I had the opportunity to work with 2 of your staff on Wednesday afternoon.  They are to be commended for their patience & understanding with me as they tried to correct my computer problems.

I had a company upgrade my computer to Windows 10 & they made a complete mess of my computer including losing all my files & contact emails (about 1350)

Your team work with me for many HOURS correcting the errors & I am very impressed.

These 2 gentlemen should receive an appreciation award for their efforts. Their names are Jim Garry and Clayton.

Edward Ferguson


I was at such a loss with my computer. The only choice I have to place with People Connect. I have been a customer for several years and this company has served me with great respect and resolved my computer issues whenever I called you people to seek for help.

Clayton, You have done a wonderful job on resolving my CD Rom drive playing issue which I was facing since last 6 months. My best wishes to you for your bright future.

Gerald Bernoski

This is Mr. Bernoski from Ontario and I wish to Thank People connect for the help and  for the assistance  with my laptop which I screwed up and your men have done a fine job to get my computer back in order and I promise to ignore any phone calls from other companies saying that my computer is out of order or any refund related call and any other matter.

Pat Vinette

Hi Clayton,  Thank you very much for the help.It is very appreciated. I was getting so frustrated with the slow response of my computer. I am so thankful that you contacted me by phone. I was afraid to respond to any of the warnings that I was receiving over the computer because I don’t know enough about it. Thank you so much, both of you Clayton and Joy. Have a great day and God bless you all.

Claude Di Muro

Hi Allan – I would like to thank you for solving the problems I had with both my printers.  An OKIDATA C3400 which refused to print the documents I was sending out for printing.  And a similar problem with my HP Officejet 6500A which had a similar problem; that is not printing the documents I was sending out for printing.

I am very glad that you solved the problems and I am glad to, now, being able to send documents for printing and that both Printers are responding accordingly immediately.

Andrew Green 

Raul did a brilliant job and spent loads of time rectifying the issues and all is going well at the moment. 10 out of 10 for the support. Thankyou.

Bronwen Langley

I want to thank you for the work that was done on my computer. I special want to thank CLAYTON for the long job that he did getting my YAHOO E-MAIL back.

Patrick Gabris

Allan, thank you very much for your assistance today, it was very good on your part, you were very patient, and instructions were perfect.  Good Job. Brought a smile to my face.  Will recommend you to others for sure

Willem Bosman

I wish to acknowledge the support that was given to me for getting my computer started.  I have learnt ,in a very professional way, various methods to overcome this obstacle.  Thanks for the assistance.

Vicky Guerrero-Smith

I wish to express and provide the highest commendation for Mr. Clayton of  Tech Genie.  Time and time again he has exhibited excellent technical support.   I attest to his knowledge and professionalism in his job performance.  He does the extra mile to find the solution, to explain the situation for me to better understand what to expect and what to do in the future in relation to the computer situation I encounter.

He is a great asset to your company. Mr. Clayton, I cannot thank you enough not only for your unfailing assistance but most of all for your patience with me.

Roslyn Thorpe

I am grateful to the team for the quality services I have been receiving over the years.  I am especially surprise at the interest shown and the efforts made to assist me whenever I call for help.  No matter how long it takes you never give up until the problem is solved. Thank you once more and keep up the good work.

Andris Tauvers

Allan, I found you to be very patient and very helpful in solving my problems . I will not hesitate to call you again if I run into some other frustrating computer problem. Thank you


Good day to you all.  I just wanted to thank you for your service, you got my computer to run smoothly your technicians were very easy & nice to work with please pass on my thanks to them. Nice to know I have your expert help available for a year if I happen to run into problems.

Blessings to you all


Hi Raul, Thank you for your recent email. My computer ir now working well & i have not experienced any further problems.Thank you for you assistance in this matter.
Howard Swirsky

Everything was amazing as the problem was fixed. Thks so much for all your effort and cooperation. I’m going to ask for you next time I have a problem.

Ronald Budovec

“Both Clayton and Nathan were extremely helpful in helping me get my new laptop up and running so that everything works! I would rate each of them a solid 10 for their helpfulness. patience and support. Their technical knowledge is also second to none and I am extremely grateful for their kindness and willingness to do whatever it took to fix my laptop so that it is now easy for me to understand and will be very helpful to me in many ways, such as relieving a great deal of stress. Again, many thanks. You are the best!”

Neil Mckillop

” The company I am dealing with have been very helpful concerning a problem of my making. The matter has been dealt with full resolution and another issue of Skype has been resolved.The technician Joy was very helpful and patient on the call and resolved my issue as he created a new Skype a/c for me. You people are very polite and helpful and most importantly all are patient on resolving customers’ issues. I am thankful to People Connect USA for taking care of my computer. ”

Josephine Bellflower

“I am sorry about not answering your phone call but I have been getting all these calls from all over the country even one saying my computer needed help. You can ask Nathan about this because we have spoken about this in detail a while back.  Anyway, if it says an unknown name or anything like that, I do not answer the phone.  Hope you understand.  Tell Nathan I wish him and his new wife the very best of happiness.  In answer to your request, I would not depend or trust anyone else working on or taking over my computer to fix a problem.  I have been with you for years and shall remain a loyal customer.  I have spoken to my daughter about your great service but she still thinks Verizon is the best for her.  I don’t know why.  I don’t know but tried to convince of the reverse.  I am so grateful that you’re here for help and support and repair.  You have a 5-star rating from me.  Thanks again”

Gary S.

“To whom it may concern, I called today and was assisted by Sam with my Computer, He resolved the problem I had with my Computer, Sam was  very courteous and patient with me, I am not very computer literate,  but  He  was able to understand my problem…Overall when I call People Connect, all employees are very kind and respectfully…Since Sam has helped me in the past,  we have kind of established a good rapport…Thank you for your Professional Service….BZ”

H. Sacatos

“To Whom it May Concern: 

I am writing you to thank you (especially Sam, Technical Engineer/Supervisor along with Technical Engineer Clayton) for their dedicated compassion. They both labored for hours working on fixing the problems on my computer, and they got my very old computer up and running like new again!!!!! I am very appreciative of all the hard working hours you both put in. You both are extremely dedicated and professional computer technical engineers. Thank you Clayton, and thank you, Sam, for a JOB WELL DONE!”

Susan LaPierre

“Many thanks to your team for all your help on March 9th and 10th.  It was refreshing to deal with people who were polite, professional and most of all intelligent and efficient. A special thank you to Sam and Clayton.”

Michael C. SayKaly

“I wish to thank to thank you for the technical support you provided me on the second day of my contract with People Connect USA. This makes a favorable first impression. Please thank your other colleagues, Shawn, Sam, and others, who induced me to do a trust walk and allow PCUSA to infiltrate my computer system to assist me with competent computer support, including replacing faulty software such as Live Mail and replacing it with the more reliable Outlook. Also, I very much appreciate your effectively aiding me to get my iPod Classic to sync my new musical files into the iPod.

I look forward to a beneficial relationship with you all.”

Michael Prince

“I had Problem with not being able to get on the internet and also with the printer . It was resolved and the operator that helped was very professional. I would just like to thank the support team for their help .”


“my problem today was explained to me very well. the operating system was the reason why I could not print to my printer. which is not compatible with windows 10. sam was very patient with me, thank you”

Jeania Crafton

“Good Day, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Roger who has supported me with my new laptop yesterday. I also had a briefing with him today on the features of my new laptop. He also encouraged me to consider an upgrade for the 1-year tech support. Thank you for all of your support. It is most appreciated.”

Jack Gormley

“Thank you so much, Sam, as well as all from tech genie 247 who have been so patient and helpful to me while getting me better acquainted with all of those things from the computing world with which I am so lacking. It is such a good feeling to know that you are there. Thanks again Sam,”

Richard B. Steinberg

“- TechGenie 24/7: Everything is okay, thank you. I want to particularly thank Roger (Raj?) who was very skilled, helpful and patient.”

Mary Salvemini

“I just want to thank sam for all his support and guidance. he was most intelligent and professional. please let his supervisor know this. much praise to him”

Margaret Colquhoun

“Just wanted to let you know that the technical support I received today from Sam was outstanding, to say the least.He was extremely patient with me ( a 71-year-old lady) who is not too computer savvy!!
It’s nice to know that when I have a computer problem I can call Tech Genie’s “800” number and get wonderful help”