The ultimate guide to improving customer service in your company

What is customer service?

Before we begin, let us clarify what we mean by customer service. The term refers to the way a company interacts with its customers and encompasses everything from the initial contact, presentation of a product, closing of a sale, provision of a warranty and the handling of complaints and problems. Whenever there is direct contact with a customer, we are talking about customer service.

While this is the basic definition, the fact is that the concept has much wider implications for the whole company. In recent years, the term “customer experience” has become a buzzword; it refers to the entire customer journey and the creation of a unique experience in their relationship with the company. A host of companies all over the world are striving to enhance this experience in order to build their reputation, increase customer loyalty and drive sales. Indeed, when asked about the company’s main competitive advantage, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was quick to define it as:

“Creating a customer experience superior to anything my competitors can create.”

 Tips for creating a successful customer service strategy

1 – Demonstrate that the customer is important

2 – Establish fast and user-friendly customer service processes

3 – Hire professionals that care about the customer

4– Use new technologies

5 – Measure, measure, and measure again

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