Emma Whitner Florida- Are Chatbots Really Working? Learn More!

Did you ever verify your newly created Google account using your phone? What happens actually in that process, did you ever think about that? You submit a phone number verification request and Google calls you with a telephonic verification code which you further need to enter into the form’s text blocks. Here comes the concept of text to voice conversion and then a phone system integration that automatically calls over VoIP as per the country code and number provided.
Yes, you are thinking in the right direction! Your business support phone system can also be made such intelligent. The customer calls your business support provider and then from there whatever he types in, he can have a voice-based response from you through the machine learning process.
In the recent past, there has been a survey on a debate whether chatbots are positive or having with slightly a bad taste! The survey was conducted by LivePerson in 2017 discovered that more people universally found them positive compared to negative (38% to 11%) although the majority (51%) were mediocre.
There are so many causes behind this: user actions and expectations are changing with the extension in messaging apps and maybe there is an element of self-empowerment to resolving problems as well as not needing to communicate with someone in a call center, however talkative they might be. A recent study by Salesforce found that 72% of visitants did not believe a phone call was the best way to resolve their problem.
Let’s discuss the best case. You might have watched a lot of science fiction movies or took a few Artificial Intelligence marketing seminars too seriously, and then you’ll understand that it’s just a question of reality and we need to get a solution of it via an AI module!
However, we know that AI has got some limits and they are how beautifully we can teach to a machine and how the machine responds as a result of it. Also, machine learning is correctly what the phrase suggests; a machine that studies [from a person]. Anyone within the AI niche knows that this is a very laborious dilemma, with lots of different permutations and combinations.
One of the purposes, why chatbot based automation is getting popular, is the cost reduction within the business operations. Going forward, presumptions and errors are an unavoidable part of the progress where personal knowledge and skill is required. Industry experts need to create a training superset for the inputs and that typically requires human checks and balances among the best case, worst case & an average case possibilities of the chatbot working and chat interactions into problems, creating a glossary from which it can fetch the correct response. This is tough and proportionally time taking.
Companies also need to measure whether their systems have room for an automation technology i.e. feasibility. Does the chatbot to be built-in have the data it needs to make accurate responses? Does it have the right humans to educate it? Is the organization capable to act on the insights generated from Chatbot activity? Will the technology amalgamate with other systems such as a CRM?
There are n numbers of different ways to the problem-solving. Our company is focusing this problem in a novel way. We have created and adopted the latest in machine learning and AI to automatically transform your call center text data into a meaningful solution oriented audio, to deal with the customer’s problem so that your support get enough time to assess the technical or manual policy-based issues. So, with the right AI and machine learning, chatbots can stay relevant and improve their capability to understand their own complexity. In the end, there’s no miracle but there is a whole cluster of disruptive technology making sure that the chatbot works in a great way and doesn’t deceive.
Contact us today if you think incorporating a chatbot as automation in customer support services can help your business go beyond the obvious and perform outstandingly in every possible way.