CRMs And Marketing Automation

What is marketing automation?

Generally speaking, marketing automation represents a software solution that automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks, relieving the workload on the employees. In marketing departments, automation is used to eliminate all types of manual activities, including:

  • Email campaigns
  • SMS campaigns
  • Social media posting
  • Ad placement
  • Data analysis and management

Why use marketing automation?

Marketing automation doesn’t just help you reduce the workload, it also helps increase your productivity and improve the overall work environment.

If your business relies on a list of leads, contacts or opportunities, it represents the ideal candidate for marketing automation. This means you can use marketing automation to:

  • Improve sales conversions
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Extend the customer lifetime
  • Improve engagement rates
  • Create a more collaborative work environment
  • Increase ROI

However, a CRM or marketing automation software can help your company in other ways as well. For example, it can reduce the amount of monotonous admin work, such as invoicing, writing proposals, etc.

In addition to that, it can streamline the hiring process by creating an email chain that will automatically recognize the best candidates and contact them. Similarly, it can improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns by segmenting your audience and creating trigger-based messages.

Further, it lets you plan multi-channel marketing automation and manage it on the go. This way, you can even create dynamic, personalized content for your landing pages and emails

Why incorporate marketing automation in CRM?

You may be wondering why you should incorporate marketing automation in a CRM. Surely, it’s better to have a highly specialized program that deals only with automation and advanced software in the form of a CRM to generate the highest revenues.

While this may sometimes be true, it’s often misleading and incorrect. Moreover, it’s the wrong perspective. You should not be thinking about what marketing automation and a CRM can bring individually, but focus on what results they can bring combined.

When you integrate marketing within a CRM or you choose a CRM that comes with integrated marketing automation, such as Simply, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Centralized platform
  • Unified data management
  • Improved collaboration

Source: Simply CRM