Learn the difference between IT Security and Cybersecurity

Many people think that they are just alternative terms for having a form of security on electronic devices. A group of others believes that they are complementary to each other and no system can continue if not connected for the safety and security purpose.

Cybersecurity and IT security are related to each other; they create excellent protection and efficiency when linked together.  Despite similarities, there are key differences that distinguish both.

IT security

IT security can be understood as information or data security. It’s implemented to confirm the security and safety of all information created and available to an organization. The security process includes all electronics along with physical data.

IT security offers processes and methods to be in place to ensure that all information is protected. This prevents unauthorized intruding, misuse, damage or interruption of data.

The main objective is to guarantee that information remains of high integrity, encrypted and accessible. This is much needed to ensure that the quality of information is not compramised, along with ensuring that personal or valuable information remains confidential and only available to the authority.

IT security combines various forms of technology and strategies to guard all information and information systems. Physical data is often easier to protect in lockers, but digital data requires enhanced safety.

This data can be anything like personal credentials, logins, credit card details, etc. To access specific transaction details, one must assure about the 2-3 factor verification along with digital file signature for all electronic devices along with establishing secure individual and organization networks.

IT security norms allow data to be shielded while assuring the quality and truthfulness of the information. Incorporating security rules for information and systems reduce the risk of unauthorized access or misuse of confidential information.


Cybersecurity comprised of technologies, processes and handles intended to protect systems, networks, and data from cyber attacks. Efficient cybersecurity reduces the risk of cyber attacks and protects against the unauthorized stealing of systems, networks, and technologies.

Reliable cybersecurity can be achieved by implementing checks and balances among the three pillars: people, processes, and technology. This approach helps organizations to protect themselves from both organized attacks and general internal threats & data breaches, such as accidental infringements, human mistakes, etc.

Cybersecurity’s primary purpose is to protect digital data from unauthorized access received through cyberspace. Unauthorized access can be considered as cyber-attacks and there are n numbers of them to access a company’s data that corrupt or damage the integrity of the data.

Cybersecurity ensures that all confidential, valuable or vulnerable information cannot be downloaded, shared or utilized by an unknown person.

Cybersecurity controls and prevents this threat or attack to a company’s information. It allows the necessary precautions and protocols to be in place to ensure the safety of all electronic data. Hacking or corruption of data not only affects the quality of the data but can be expensive and time-consuming to fix. There are also the loopholes of what a third party can achieve by holding this information, especially if it is financial or highly confidential.

Hacking and unapproved access to networks can happen for many reasons. Cyber threats include downloading files from websites or other app resources that contain viruses.  Having weak or easily guessed passwords or storing data in one place, such as the cloud without backups.

IT and cybersecurity walk hand in hand; both are crucial in protecting the information of your organization.  Both security systems should be consolidated into your company to assure that all mediums being used are secure and protected against any threat, fraud or misuse.

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